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Wholesalers, merchants and distributors across the UK use Epsilon, the flagship product from Stanford Technologies Ltd. This system has been specifically designed as a 100% PC computer solution for the electrical wholesale community.  In addition to Epsilon’s ease of use, speed, and full PC compatibility, there are numerous additional benefits to be gained from using a PC system to run your business, as opposed to old fashioned green screen systems.

Epsilon’s powerful Sales and Purchase Ordering systems provide unique discounting and/or net prices, to enable an easier and faster buying and selling process.  Both of these systems are completely integrated within Epsilon’s inbuilt Accounting System (Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers), allowing for accurate monitoring and control of your organisation’s profitability.

Also included is the Quotation System which, not only, generates quotations for your customers, but can also convert successful quotations into Sales Orders or Invoices without any re-keying.

At the heart of Epsilon is a sophisticated Stock Control system that assists in all aspects of stock management, and which, with a single keystroke, can display essential information such as the last price paid for a given customer and item, at any time.  There are many more Hot Keys that can be used throughout the system meaning that the information you want is usually just a keystroke away.

Epsilon can also support a repository of product and pricing information (data provided by TSI Luckins) which can be updated weekly and which is fully integrated into Epsilon.

Simply hit the Luckins Hot Key at any time, to see and search the whole of the Luckins black book from your screen.  Stock items in the repository (computerised black book) can be transferred to your live stock file automatically.  In addition to this many man-hours spent changing prices can be saved by using the branch comparison routine.  This automatically updates the latest prices from Luckins and, optionally, other information, to the live system, leaving you free to focus on selling and servicing your customers.

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